Train & Certify to the National Standard

Attraction, retention, recruitment and training –these HR issues are priorities for many Canadian mining employers as they plan their workforce needs over the next two, five and 10 years. Certification is one component of an HR strategy that can be used to manage these challenges, particularly important in a competitive labour market.

Training and certifying your employees to the national standard bolsters attraction efforts, providing a competitive advantage that allows your company or site to stand out; prospective candidates are looking for career development and growth and offering certification provides them with these opportunities. Certification also keeps your employees engaged and supports your retention efforts. MiHR’s research has found that the top reasons for workers leaving are lack of training and lack of career development opportunities; offering certification through the CMCP creates a culture of learning, growth and performance excellence that will help retain your workforce. Certification also has a positive impact on recruitment and training, providing your company with the tools to compare existing training programs against national standards and evaluate gaps, leading to enhanced and refined training initiatives and enabling your company or site to better evaluate the skills of job candidates.

Despite the correction we are seeing currently in some commodity prices, the long-term outlook for the industry remains strong. MiHR’s 2013 report forecasts that the industry will need to hire almost 150,000 people in the next 10 years to support growth and replace retiring workers. Approximately 20 per cent of these new hires will be required in “undesignated occupations,” or skilled occupations that have, up until now, lacked a national recognition system, including production miners, development miners, heavy equipment operators, mill operators and diamond drillers. The turnover rate in these positions is twice as high as all other occupations in mining, mainly due to lack of opportunities for training and career development.

The National Standard. Your workforce, your commitment to excellence in mining.

The Canadian Mining Certification Program (CMCP) will play a key role in helping to mitigate the skills shortage through the attraction and retention of workers and the establishment of standards for currently undesignated occupations.
Participation in the CMCP can assist your company’s attraction, retention, training and recruitment efforts, save time and resources and demonstrates your commitment to mining excellence. By aligning your training programs with National Occupational Standards and certifying your workers, your company is investing in the development of a highly-skilled workforce, the standardization of skills, worker recognition and the future sustainability of the mining industry.

Available Occupations

To date , under the guidance of industry development committees, MiHR has developed four National Occupational Standards:

  • Underground Miner
  • Surface Miner
  • Minerals Processing Operator
  • Diamond Driller

Certification based on these four NOS is now available at all participating employers and sites across Canada. These standards provide the benchmark against which mining workers’ skills and knowledge are assessed. Workers who can demonstrate that they meet or exceed the industry-defined National Occupational Standard for their position can be certified through the CMCP.

Participating Employers & Sites

Current CMCP-Designated Sites and Employers

The CMCP is now at over 600 certified workers. Below is a list of mine sites and employers across Canada that are CMCP-designated. These sites and employers are actively implementing the CMCP, certifying their underground and surface miners, minerals processing operators and diamond drillers and demonstrating a commitment to the recognition of skills in Canadian mining.

Agrium Inc. - Kapuskasing Operation*
Boart Longyear
Bryson Drilling
Cementation Canada Inc.
Copper Mountain Mining Corp.
De Beers Canada - Snap Lake Driftwood
Diamond Drilling Foraco
Huckleberry Mines Ltd.
Hy-Tech Drilling
Imperial Oil-Esso - Kearl Oil Sands Project
New Gold - New Afton
Northgate Minerals Corp. - Kemess Mine*
Procon Mining
Rio Tinto - Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.
Teck Resources Ltd.- Duckpond
Teck Resources Ltd.- Greenhills
Teck Resources Ltd. - Highland Valley Copper
Xstrata Zinc - Brunswick Mine*

*This mine site or operation is now closed.

Who Can Get Certified?

Once your company or site becomes CMCP-designated, all employees in positions for which a National Occupational Standard has been established, are eligible to apply for certification.

Currently, standards exist for:

  • Minerals Processing Operators
  • Diamond Drillers (both surface and underground)
  • Underground Miners
  • Surface Miners

New National Occupational Standards

National Occupational Standards for additional occupational areas are under development. For more information and to stay up to date on these developments, please visit the National Occupational Standards section of the website.


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